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Temporary childcare

business hours: AM7: 00 ~ PM18: 00
(Until 16:00 PM 2 days before reception time)

🌺 Okinawa citizens

0 to 2 years old (1 hour) 1,500 yen

🌺 Outside the prefecture

0 to 2 years old (1 hour) 1,700 yen

🌺 Early morning childcare

It can be accepted from 7:00 AM.

7: 00 ~ 8: 00 plus 500 yen

* Please contact us for brothers and sisters.

・ Please note that a refund fee of 100% on the day and 50% on the day before will be charged for cancellation.

(The cancellation fee will be invoiced by email)


Temporary childcare belongings

You don't need to bring anything for temporary childcare because it is empty -handed.


Please bring only the following certificate.

Milk uses Meiji smile.

* If you have a special preference, you may bring it with you.

○ Health insurance card (for children)

○ Parent's ID
○ Mother and child notebook

* A separate fee will be charged for those who apply for meals and snacks.


・ Organic lunch (1 meal) 500 yen


Emily's Nursery

Recruitment for admission starts from February to April every year.

(Currently accepting at any time)

Normal opening hours 8: 00 ~ 18: 00

Open early in the morning 6: 00 ~ 8: 00

Extended business 18: 00 ~ 19: 00

Closed days: Sundays and public holidays

(From April 4th year of Reiwa)

Normal opening hours 8: 00 ~ 17: 30

Early morning time 6: 30 ~ 8: 00

Extended business 17: 30 ~ 18: 00

Closed days: Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays

* (Hand-held childcare)

We will prepare diapers, milk, children's clothes, tissues, etc. at the garden, so please come empty-handed!

* (Organic lunch)

Provided by Niijima Farm and Green Reef Chatan, we cook all pesticide-free ingredients from rice to seasonings and snacks.

We will provide dietary education with BLW baby food (a method to develop the baby's own eating ability).

* (Childcare without diapers)

In the garden, everyone spends time in cloth diaper training pants and encourages potty training.



・ In the early morning, the extension fee will be the regular fee plus 500 yen per hour.

・ The fee will be charged after the day of childcare. (It will be from 7 o'clock in the early morning)


・ Please note that a cancellation fee of 100% on the day and 50% on the day before will be charged.

(The cancellation fee will be invoiced by email)

・ The start time will start from the reservation application time. Please note that the childcare staff will be on standby.


・ The child delivery time will be the end time.


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