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Breast trouble

Rescue care

◆ Dealing with problems such as mastitis (pain, lumps, cracked nipples, redness, induration, vitiligo, milk plugs)

✳︎ We may not be able to respond depending on the reservation situation.

60 minutes each time: 5,000 yen


Prenatal and postnatal total care

◆ Total care course

◆ Half care course

◆ Short care course

◆ Graduation package


First of all, experience session

● Pregnant people

👉 30 minutes free trial session

● Postpartum

👉 1 hour total postpartum care experience (5,000 yen)


Birth studies

◆ Guest teaching at nursery schools, kindergartens, elementary, junior high and high schools, etc.

Schools / groups: From 30,000 yen (including one meeting)

◆ It can be held in various forms such as private homes and public halls.


​Home-visit care

◆ We provide prenatal and postnatal total care, breast troubles and bathing guidance by visiting.



◆ Breastfeeding class

◆ Ablution guidance

◆ Private maternity lesson

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