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Boobs Tea Product Features


Product Features

● Because it is non-caffeine, you can drink it with confidence even if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

● You can take vitamins, minerals, and iron that are often deficient during pregnancy.

● It also has a diuretic effect and can be expected to improve swelling after childbirth.

● It improves blood circulation and metabolism and warms the body, so it is said to be good for poor circulation and recovery from fatigue.

● The dandelion root is roasted and then coarsely ground, so you can enjoy the aroma.

● Other effects include indigestion, relieving constipation, smoothing blood, breastfeeding effect, antipyretic effect, sweating effect, asthma improvement, bile secretion promotion, rough skin, constipation improvement, hematopoiesis, etc. Many effects are expected.


How to drink deliciously

Put one in a teapot, pour 100ml-150ml of boiling water and wait 3-4 minutes. When it turns coffee, it's ready to drink.


About storage

It can be stored at room temperature, but avoid high temperature and humidity, and avoid direct sunlight.


raw materials

Dandelion root


Case dimensions

Length 170mm Width 260mm Height 190mm

Contents 90g tea pack (3g x 30 packets)



Kenseien Co., Ltd.

1-1-14 Arao, Minami-ku, Kumamoto-shi, 861-4136

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